The Story


I’m Amber Kemp and I’ve always had the creative gene running through my veins. From childhood, I wrote short stories in my spare time, created Christmas sweaters before ugly Christmas sweaters were cool, choreographed dances and cheer routines and the list goes on and on. For as long as I can remember, my mind has always gone a little to the left.

As time went on aka I grew up and realized I needed money to live. I shuffled through a number of careers/jobs, but always found a way back to my roots, CREATIVITY. Roots started with small jobs for family and friends and blossomed into an online boutique, event planning business and graphic design contracts.

When I’m not trying my hardest to emulate the all-wonderful Martha Stewart, I am a wife and mother. A best friend and a sister. A Christian and sinner. A foodie and health enthusiast.

Sow your Roots, always –