Calling all #bossbabes

“I’m a boss, you a worker b*+#” – Cardi B

October 16 is National Boss Day. Shoutout to all the lady bosses out there making it happen on their terms, being fierce and feisty and all that other feminist junk 🙂

I kid. I kid.

BUT SERIOUSLY, being a woman and a boss is BIG DEAL. People pressure you to look good, but you can’t look too good. Work hard, but really you have to work twice as hard and play nice… 🙂 Everyone expects women to be catty and fight and ate each other, when we HAVE to pull each other up and praise each other. We need that Beyonce spirit because after all, “Who runs the World? Girls!”

So whether you’re a boss at HOME, boss at WORK or boss of ALL THINGS, enjoy these goodies and tell the World, “You can’t $%^ with me, if you wanted to!” – CB

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If you like these designs, check them out online HERE and show off your #bossbabe spirit!


Halloween is near… 

I can’t believe it! I’m actually making Halloween party prints in August. Granted, we’re in the final hours of August, it’s still summertime!

BUT we all know we have to keep up with consumers, and that means being two seasons ahead at all times. 

This customer requested party prints for an Adult Halloween Bash, so I’m designing invitations, printables and THESE bad boys. 

After we add the sparkle and pizazz, these will make the cutest cocktail napkin! 

What a fun idea. I want to have a party now….

Land of the Free

“O’er the land of the free”

Independence Day is fast-approaching. You’ve got your menu set. You’ve planned your day at the lake. You’ve sprayed your yard for those stinkin’ mosquitos. You’re ready …. or, are you?

I’m late, which is nothing new, so my house is not Independence Day ready. As a matter of fact, I still have an Easter wreath on my door. *gasp* *the horror* *dramatic eyeroll*

But I wanted to change that and jazz up the house with some Red, White and Blue. After all, it IS my most favorite holiday. So, I went to the local craft store and almost had a heart attack. I am not cheap, but I’m NOT paying $17.99 for a picture frame that looked like my son glued it together. I get it, it’s distressed, but my wallet is DISTRAUGHT and we just can’t.

So, I figured I’d put the kid to work since “Michelle’s” was already stealing his craftsmanship. We created some prints FOR FREE, used paper and frames we already had (FREE), Ziploc bags (You know you have them, FREE) and *wine* FREE (It’s ALWAYS stocked at this casita).

So now, my house is a Patriotic Paradise. …and I’m giving them to y’all FOR FREE! After all, we’re living in the land of it!

Download Here!

Patriotic Printables


“What worked yesterday doesn’t always work today.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Yesterday, I was supermom. Yesterday, I was a badass. Yesterday, I could have conquered the world. But sadly, yesterday is gone.

I woke up before 7 AM, had my quiet time with Jesus and started the day. I made a healthy breakfast, meal prepped for lunch and dinner and laid out clothes for my hubby’s overnight work trip. The house was still quiet, so I was able to complete some orders for Roots, three to be exact! Oh, how I ADORED a special request for a Farmer’s Market Baby Shower Invitation. Cute! Cute!

Around 8:30 AM, the kid wakes up, hubby has breakfast, we kiss and say goodbye and off I go on a three-mile run – in the Texas Heat – pushing my four-year-old tot. (insert heavy breathing) I finished, each mile under 10 minutes and I felt amazing.

The day progressed with no hiccups – we homeschooled, we played at the park and we even had an impromptu trip to Gabby’s. (That’s my mom, she can’t be just Grandma)

So there I was – Christian Mom. Healthy Mom. June Cleaver Mom. Boss Mom. Fit Mom. I was living the dream.

And then somewhere between a 3AM insomnia-driven episode of Law & Order and a 7 AM wake-up call of, “Mommy, my tummy hurts!” – my fall from grace came a’calling.

Today, my tot ate M&M’s for breakfast. He’s watched at least six episodes of Kong Island on Netflix. The hubby ate a Healthy Choice steamer for lunch and I have worked on ZERO orders for the day. Today, I want to give up.

BUT I won’t. I know that every single mom has had that day, that week, that month when absolutely nothing comes together. What I realize more than ever is that YESTERDAY was rare. YESTERDAY doesn’t come around often. So I will celebrate YESTERDAY for the milestone it was, and move on to making play-doh french fries with my little and probably eat greasy real ones tonight!


“What worked yesterday doesn’t always work today.” – Elizabeth Gilbert


Born on the Bayou

Wish I was back on the bayou –

Rollin’ with some Cajun Queen.

Wishin’ I were a freight train –

Oh, just a chooglin’ on down to New Orleans.

Creedence Clearwater Revival is singing to my soul with these lyrics. I believe it’s been a total of eight trips I’ve taken to New Orleans and the city continues to pull at my heartstrings. I meet so many interesting people, listen to their amazing life stories and am overjoyed by their fervent zeal for life.

It was also in New Orleans that my best friend encouraged my to blog. (Little did she know, I already had a blog. I just never use it.) But I came home, did some research and realized everything I want to do in life – entrepreneur, wife and mom, impact lives – can all be done from a blog.

I will not post daily. I will not post random thoughts at 3 a.m. I will utilize this to share my gift and any other wonderful person’s story that I feel will change the world for even the smallest bit of good. Because, the world needs ALL the good it can get right now.


Until next time,

Cajun Queen

Love is in the Air

The old adage is true: If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, it’s unacceptable. Or in the holiday world, you’ve just lost.

Valentine’s Day is 32 days away, which means the super PTO perfection in Lululemon has already devised a plan of how to outdo you plain-jane lazies who buy store bought valentines the night before the class party. *raises hand guiltily and looks around for a soul sister* Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking Mama Lulu. She keeps my business alive. And, I’m secretly jealous. I’ve always wanted to be that mom, but who on Earth has time to stuff fifty bubble gum flavored cvalentines-2016hapstick tubes into tiny sleeves and stick “You’re the BALM!” stickers on them. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

If you have time for all that, I have custom tags for those lip balms, water bottle labels for the class and a customizable wine label for the teacher! But if you want something simple, try out one of these three premade templates and add a little spice to Lover’s Day this year.

Use the 8×10 Printables in an empty frame to jazz up your Valentine’s Décor. Grab some cardstock and print the 4×6 as a custom card or gift tag and the 5×7 can pull double duty.

For the round labels, I use Avery Print to Edge 2 1/2″ in diameter. You can purchase them at most local office stores.

Links are Printable PDFs

Valentine Wishes 8×10

Valentine’s Round Labels

ABC 8×10

ABC 5×7

ABC 4×6

Sow your roots, always –